P-please... wait until +18 to come here

I’m over 18, let me in!
Well, I’m still not 18...

At age of 14 i got dazzled by the cover book of Dominion Tank Police "Puma Sisters", from Shirow Masamune. I remember i stood watching it for at least 5 minutes.

Since then i guess i continued living until one day, (few years later), inside a flea market-like shop, got my head blown away the moment i hit a bomb called, "Angel" made by U-Jin, the vol 6, book which i still have, i'm sure this filled a place on my head.

angel vol 6

Many years passed and since then i have been to Japan several times and discovered an entire world of beauty which almost no one knows.

I plan on bringing the best illustrators i know from Japan.

Positive feedback:

You can check my feedback on eBay, and see there is not a single customer sad, since i treat these books as small pieces of art.

Art not money

I'm in this for the art. Obviously money helps get the store bigger, yet after all i will end up bringing better and different books to show you.

Huge variety

Most of the many books i sell are a couple of years old, always in pristine condition and sealed inside plastics.

and Even though

I try my very best and i use my spare time to build this site, it's taking me time to make it as i want it to be. If you could only imagine how many books are published in all Japan EACH WEEK. I would need a horde of people adding products to this website everyday. SO!, if you are looking for any specific book/author, please contact me, and i will try to fetch it in the best possible condition.

Anything you may need to know, please use the contact form here