P-please... wait until +18 to come here

I’m over 18, let me in!
Well, I’m still not 18...

At age of 14 i got dazzled by the cover book of Dominion Tank Police "Puma Sisters", from Shirow Masamune. I remember i stood watching it for at least 5 minutes.

Since then i guess i continued living until one day, (few years later), inside a flea market-like shop, got my head blown away the moment i hit a bomb called, "Angel" made by U-Jin, the vol 6, book which i still have, i'm sure this filled a place on my head.

angel vol 6

Many years passed and since then i have been to Japan several times and discovered an entire world of beauty which almost no one knows.

I plan on bringing the best illustrators i know from Japan.

Positive feedback:

You can check my feedback on eBay, and see there is not a single customer sad, since i treat these books as small pieces of art.

Art not money

I'm in this for the art. Obviously money helps get the store bigger, yet after all i will end up bringing better and different books to show you.

Huge variety

Most of the many books i sell are a couple of years old, always in pristine condition and sealed inside plastics.

and Even though

I try my very best and i use my spare time to build this site, it's taking me time to make it as i want it to be. If you could only imagine how many books are published in all Japan EACH WEEK. I would need a horde of people adding products to this website everyday. SO!, if you are looking for any specific book/author, please contact me, and i will try to fetch it in the best possible condition.

Anything you may need to know, please use the contact form

And this below is Me!, with some of my books behind me.
I chose some of my favourite Artists so you could see them altogether.

Wall of Magic